My TGS Photoshoot w Chris Davantes

Location: Old Town, San Diego
BIG announcement. Click here to read about it + see some more banging’ shots by another amazing photographer!

My Photoshoot w Nico Villanueva

Location: Seaport Village, San Diego
I’ve already shared a few of these pictures on my Instagram
Click here to see the rest!

My Blender Bomb Experience

Collaboration with Helen Hall creator of the Blender Bombs.
Click here to read all about her product and stay updated with my 30 day experience!

My Collaborative Photoshoot

Location: Sunset Cliffs, San Diego
Click here to see more of the first group collaboration I’ve ever been a part of!

My Hot Mess Story

It’s THE story
Why did I start blogging? How did I come up with my blog name? Where am I headed with my blog? Click here to find out all of the answers!

My Wedding Stalker

& by “my wedding stalker” I mean I was stalked at a wedding I was attending
not my own wedding (obviously)

My Photoshoot w Allison Kelley

Location: Seaport Village, San Diego
Click here to see some amazing pictures of Allison Kelley, creator of

My Awesome Driving Pt 2

Well, this time I may or may not have hit a dog…
I swear I didn’t do it on purpose! But really, what was a dog doing running across the freeway anyways?? Click here to read more

My Pressed Juicery Experience

I didn’t eat solid foods for over 72 hours!!!
Let me sum it up for you in one word – ROUGH…
But hey, I did it! Click here to read all about my experience
(& btw this cleanse is ON SALE NOW – recommended)