My First Tattoo (fail)

I probably have the lowest pain tolerance of anyone you have ever met, so I have no idea how I survived the pain of my first tattoo. Growing up I always liked certain tattoos on others, but never imagined I would get one. Personally, I had always thought they’re too permanent. I change my mind faster than I change the channel. I am still not completely sure how it is that I woke up a few mornings ago and decided I just needed to get a tattoo.

It was just a few days before my 20th birthday that I woke up thinking about tattoos. I wanted to do something permanent given that there was a lot in my life that felt like it was too uncertain. I decided to text both of my younger brothers and ask them for their opinion’s because our parents have always been against tattoos. I decided that as long as my tattoo was small and meaningful it might not be such a big deal, and if it was it would be too late anyways (sorry mom & dad). After talking to my brothers I decided that I wanted to get a symbol tattoo that represented my brothers and me. That’s how I decided on 3 arrows pointing upwards on my finger. On my way to the tattoo shop in Downtown San Diego I casually mentioned it to my parents that I was on my way to get a tattoo. I was sweating and freaking out. At one point I was yelling in the tattoo shop while all of the men in there just stared at me. I made it into such a big deal that after I finished getting my itty bitty tattoo I felt kind of dumb. Typical me.

Turning a tiny situation into a huge deal in my mind is kind of my specialty. All of that blood, sweat, and tears (yes, I actually bled, sweat, and cried) for nothing. Literally nothing because I got the tattoo in white ink and it has already faded out. But, even though it seemed like a waste of time, to me it was $80 well spent. It was a wake up call for me. I’ve been living my life too safely. Never limit yourself because you’re too scared. Life begins on the other side of your fears. We often forget that, so don’t. Get out and face your biggest fears, I dare you. 

Sassy as ever, Karla

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