My Bad! I Forgot My Keys

It started off as a normal trip back to my apartment in San Diego. I had just spent the weekend down in El Centro hanging out with my family. On my way back I was totally jamming out in the car, singing along to country music the entire drive back (just like I always do). I just usually don’t forget my keys over 100 miles away (back in El Centro).

I was walking up to my apartment door with bags full of clothes in my arms + my laptop + who knows what else (I’m the type of person that would rather break off both my arms before I have to make 2 trips to the car and back, you feel?) and it wasn’t until then that I realized what I had forgotten.. my keys. I immediately felt like crying knowing both of my roommates were also over 100 miles away, along with my keys. What was I going to do? Drive almost 2 hours there and 2 hours back after I had just finished making that drive?? No. I started thinking how this was not even close to being the first time that I had been locked out. I’ve been accidentally locked out of my parents house, my dorm room, hotel rooms, etc. Fortunately, every time I’ve been locked out there’s someone nearby to let me in; if not, I just manage to crawl through spaces and break in easily enough. Thanks to my teeny body I’ve always been able to crawl through doggy doors, side gates, or jump up and through windows.

And that’s when I had an idea. All I had to do was break into my apartment. The only thing that was going to suck was crawling through the jungle around all of the windows (and by jungle I mean the ton of bushes and trees surrounding the outside of my room). As I was climbing through the jungle being bitten by bugs and getting webs in my hair I struck gold. Being that I have noodle arms I always struggle to open and close my window. I’ve found it easier to just leave my window unlocked. I cried happy tears when I knew I was going to be able to break in. All I had to do was get the screen off the window without breaking it and climb up a few feet to get through my window (mind you I had to do this with a family of 5 staring at me!).

I finally got into my room and apartment. I sat on my couch thinking for sure the family that was staring the entire time had called security on me. As I waited for security to come I decided to Snapchat everything that had just happened. A lot of my friends replied to my story saying how typical it was of me. Sometimes I wish this was all an act, but I swear it’s really not. I really don’t mean to get myself into these situations.

As I’m sitting here typing this up I’m deciding whether or not I should start locking my window. I realize it’s way too easy to break into my room. For security reasons I should really start to lock it, but knowing myself this will not be the last time I lock myself out. Life is rough.. wish me luck?

Sassy as ever, Karla

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