My Pressed Juicery Experience

3 day {Cleanse 2} Pressed Juicery juice cleanse – 100% worth it.

I will let you in on a little secret though, it’s not easy!

6 juices + 2 cleansing waters + 64 ounces of water (per day) = using the restroom about 100 times each day (t.m.i. but true). Besides feeling like I was going to disappear into thin air from not eating solid foods, I also have never felt healthier. The pros of going on a juice cleanse definitely outweigh the cons, let me tell you why. I’m 5’2” and only weigh about 100 lbs. (on a “bloated” day). I have been underweight my entire life. While I was going through the juice cleanse 99% of people who talked to me told me I was crazy. Why would I, a skinny little noodle need to do a juice cleanse? Obviously not because I wanted to lose weight & obviously not because it’s fun to drink only fluids for 3 days straight.

The benefits of doing this juice cleanse no matter what your body type is:

  • healthy balance of flora
  • helps reduce cell damage
  • less stress on your heart
  • weight loss
  • antioxidants
  • vitamins, fiber, and phenolic compounds
  • helps digestion
  • better well-being
(from the Pressed Juicery website)

My personal benefits of this juice cleanse:

  • The juice cleanse was like a reset button to my body and all of the “junk” I had put in it before
  • Having to drink so much water during the juice cleanse, I got in a habit of always drinking water during meals
  • When working out I noticed I had more stamina and tired less quickly
  • I did lose a few pounds..
  • I always felt refreshed after drinking a juice
  • The juices themselves were very tasty
  • After eating (heavier/unhealthy) meals I didn’t bloat like I normally would
  • My mood improved because I felt overall more energetic
(personal results after a 2 week period)

Maybe I am crazy for doing a juice cleanse when I don’t need to be losing weight, but I also benefited crazily from it & I can’t wait to do another one soon!


Sassy as ever, Karla

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