My Wedding Stalker

And just when I thought I could getaway for a normal weekend…

I was on my way to Mexico City for a distant relative’s wedding. I had just boughten (in my opinion) the prettiest dress from David’s Bridal for this special occasion. I was super excited to be spending this weekend with family and I couldn’t wait to see what kind of story I would get out of this trip.

The night of the wedding I had decided to do my own hair and makeup instead of getting it professionally done. I hardly ever wear any makeup and when I do it’s very minimal. With that being said doing my own makeup was a bit of a risk because I am definitely not an expert or anything even close to that. But anyways, at the end of the night I was very happy with both my hair and my makeup (which is pretty rare considering how picky I am).

Apparently I wasn’t the only person impressed with my looks that night considering my stalker told me that he was “impressed by my beauty” (in those exact words) *barf*.

Okay okay, so let me back up. When my interaction with this random stranger started at the beginning of the night I was being nice. For all I knew he could’ve been a very distant relative that I had just never met before. But, by the end of the night I didn’t care if he was the hottest guy on the entire planet. I was just so over it.

If I am being completely honest I can’t tell you if this interaction went on for seconds, minutes, or hours. What I can tell you is that it felt like days before it was all over. Think I’m being dramatic? Read below…

**at the wedding venue sitting at my table by myself while everyone else is dancing**
**random guys approaches me**
HIM: hi there, I’m (guy’s name) and I saw you since I first got here and I just really wanted to tell you that I’m so impressed by your beauty
ME: oh hey, I’m Karla and thanks that’s really nice of you!
**I go back to Snapchatting on my phone because I felt awkward**
HIM: is there anyone sitting next to you?
ME: yeah actually my mom is, she just got up to go to the restroom. she’ll be right back
HIM: oh no worries then, I’ll just sit here until she comes back
**I look back to my phone hoping he’d get the hint that I didn’t really want to talk to him*
**my cousin and her boyfriend head back to our table**
**I give her a look so she would get me out of there**
MY COUSIN: hey Karla, let’s go dance!
ME: okay yeah, let’s go!
**I leave the guy behind**
**the guy trails behind me and stops me**
HIM: will you dance with me?
ME: I’m actually going to dance with my family, maybe later
HIM: please, just one song
ME: okay, but later
**I walk off to the dance floor with my cousin**
**the guy follows me all the way to the dance floor and approaches me again**
HIM: can you please just dance with me right now because I know you’re not going to want to dance with me later
**I start to get frustrated**
ME: look I already told you that I’m dancing with my family right now and if I don’t want to dance later then that’s that
HIM: oh so you’re rejecting me?
ME: yeah I am
**he finally walks away**
**not even 2 minutes later he walks back to where I’m dancing and he just stands there staring at me**
** I start to feel very uncomfortable and decide to go dance with my parents assuming he would stop following me**
**the guy continues to follow me everywhere I go and keeps on staring at me while I’m dancing by my parents**
**at this point a lot of people were aware of what was happening but no one knew who this guy was**
**I head back to the table with my parents**
**the guy follows me all the back to the table and approaches me again**
HIM: will you at least come back to my table with me to have one drink
ME: no thanks
HIM: please, just one drink
ME: no, you literally see me sitting here with my parents about to have dinner. just leave me alone
**he starts to say something else but I just ignore him**
**as I’m beyond annoyed I tell my dad to get him to leave me alone**
**my dad politely tells him to back off**
**the guy takes a few steps back and just stands there watching me for who knows how long**
**as the night goes on he follows me everywhere I go and stares at me from a distance**
**at one point my cousin told him that I had a boyfriend hoping that would get him to back off a bit, but it didn’t. he responded by saying that he had a girlfriend so it didn’t matter** 

Needless to say, that went on the entire night until he was dragged out of the venue because he was so drunk. The day after I found out that he was the groom’s boss’s son.

I didn’t fly out to Mexico City thinking it would be a normal trip. I’ve accepted the fact that something always happens to me.

That wasn’t the first time some creep has hit on me and I know it won’t be the last. But, until then…

Sassy as ever, Karla



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