My HotMess Story

Yes I know I have an “about” me page. But, this is so much more.

Okay okay, I’ll stop building up the suspense. Let’s dive right in…

Since I can remember I’ve always loved telling stories (mostly because I always have the weirdest/wildest stories to tell). The only thing that I haven’t always loved is that I kind of suck at telling stories.  I have though, always been a pretty decent writer. With everything in my life changing I felt like I needed a creative outlet that I had total control over. Having interesting stories + being tech savvy = this blog. It’s that simple.
I already know this is going to be my favorite story to share with you all. Why? Because I’ve never told it before!
Last year during summer I was hanging out with my (then) best guy friend. We literally spent the entire summer together besides when we were at work. You can definitely say he knew me pretty dang well. We were driving in his truck headed to meet up with some of our friends. Blasting country music like we normally did, a song I had never heard came on. “Hot Mess” by Tyler Farr. Hearing the first few lines of the song he automatically turns to me and says, “that’s you. This is your song. You’re a hot mess.” I didn’t deny it. I always said I was a mess, but hot mess had a nice ring to it.
Time went on and I decided I wanted to start this blog. I knew coming up with my name/theme/brand/trademark/whateveryouwanttocallit was going to be important and hard all at the same time. I started researching and getting ideas. I noticed a lot of other bloggers used personal characteristics as part of their Instagram names and websites. Ex: sassy, brunette, trendy, etc. So I thought okay, what the heck am I supposed to use? I couldn’t think of anything that anyone had ever described me as that really stuck. Yes, people have always told me that I’m sassy and loud and tiny. But, none of that was good enough. After days of thinking it finally hit me. I was going to be writing stories about my life. And what is my life? Well, it’s a H O T M E S S. I remembered when my friend described me as just that and I knew that it was exactly what I was going with.
As long as I have this blog I will be posting stories. Considering I already have so many drafts just waiting to be posted I really don’t think I will ever run out of ridiculous stories to tell (just in case anyone was worried). I’ve also been working on a lot of new content with brands/companies as collaborations. I hope to continue to work with creative photographers for Instagram content that will help drive people to this website. My goal is to impact as many people as possible and get the message across that it IS okay to be a hot mess. No one’s life is perfect, might as well embrace and love ourselves as we are.

And so that’s it. Thank you all for supporting my journey with my website so far and thank you to those who keep on supporting me in the future. Make sure to comment down below if you have any other questions regarding my blog!

Sassy as ever. Karla

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