My Blender Bomb Experience

Have any of you been watching my Instagram stories recently? Have you been wondering what exactly it is that I’ve been snacking on? I am finally here to give you answers!

I’ve recently collabed with Helen Hall. owner and creator of Blender Bombs (or BBs for short). I came across her instagram page and was really intrigued as to what exactly her product is all about. I hit her up and we got to talking. I ordered some BBs for myself and sent some questions over to Helen so I could get you all a bit more information.

What exactly are Blender Bombs & what’s in them
HH: Sooo Blender Bombs are small “energy bite” like snacks that I encourage everyone to have once a day; either in their smoothie, crumbled on a smoothie bowl/dairy free yogurt, or just eat it plain! The base of all the Blender Bombs are the same – organic dates, hemp seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, local honey, bee pollen, pecans, and walnuts. Together these ingredients have every essential amino acid and every essential fatty acid.
But really what I love so much about the Blender Bombs is the texture it provides to the smoothie because of the dates. Not only do dates make for a creamier and thicker smoothie, they are full of iron and do wonders for your digestion. And they taste amazing just plain too.

What inspired you to start making BBs & sell them

HH: I have been making them for myself for the last three years when I started my health journey to lose 30 pounds. Incorporating one smoothie a day after exercise made the biggest change in my digestion and healthy habits in general. When I was personal training clients the past year and a half, I found that the hardest thing for them was maintaining good eating habits. A lot of them struggled with losing weight because of this, so I started making the BB’s for clients to make healthy eating easier for them. BB’s began to grow into a business through word or mouth and instagram!

How do you recommend people eat the BBs (what to put in smoothie, etc.)

HH: There are three options:
(1) Blend it in a smoothie. A lot of people just make smoothies with fruit and liquid, when you HAVE to add healthy fat and protein to make it a meal and reduce the blood sugar spike.
(2) Eat it plain. Not gonna lie, they are delish.
(3) Make a smoothie bowl and crumble a BB on top! So dank.
My go-to smoothie recipes:
For coffee lovers….
(1) 1 banana
(2) 1 BB
(3) 1 tblsp almond butter
(4) 1 tblsp cacao powder
(5) Cold brew coffee as the base
For fruit people….
(1) 1/2 banana
(2) 1/2 papaya
(3) Handful mango
(4) 1 BB
(5) 1 tblsp local honey

What type of workouts do you recommend to your customers

HH: HIIT is all the rage right now, but I truly believe the best protocol is to focus on HIIT for no more than three months, once you do it for three months, make your routine 1-3 days of HIIT and the rest of the week focus on low impact like yoga or barre. Most importantly, MEDITATE! Even for just 5 minutes a day. This is truly an “exercise” for the mind. I’m all about the app “Headspace.” No one is healthy unless their mind is healthy.

Any other tips & tricks!

HH: I would love to see everyone try intermittent fasting! Just try it for two weeks and see how it affects you. It’s where you wait 14-16 hours between dinner and your first meal the next day. Ideally, your first meal after IF would be a smoothie with a blender bomb. This is KILLER for weight loss and the biggest anti-aging trick out there. Just give it a shot!
Lastly, try to make having one smoothie a day and one plant-based meal a day a habit. By plant based I mean a veggie meal, no meat, no cheese. It will rock your world. 

My Experience:

Can I just say WOW?! I’m not one to rave about “snacks”, but I’ve got to make this exception! Usually when I think of healthy snacks I just think of any other snack that you can get at the store that’s just not junk. These “snacks” however are a game changer. Blender bomb are a little ball of goodness. For one, whether you eat it by itself or throw it in the blender, they actually fill you up! And the best part is that they actually are healthy. My other favorite thing about them, they’re tasty! Over the 4 weeks of testing this product out I noticed three key things: I didn’t feel bloated, I was very energized, and I didn’t have sugar cravings. And with those three things alone it makes spending every dollar worth it (but BBs aren’t expensive so spend those dollars on ‘em!!)
P.S. for even better results take Helen’s advice. She definitely knows what she’s talking about and it’s what made all of the difference for me and my body!

If you’re wondering where exactly you can get this amazing product yourself, click here 

Make sure to check out Helen Hall’s instagram – she is constantly posting new health tips and tricks that are very helpful! 

Sassy (&healthy) as ever, Karla


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