My Awesome Driving Pt 3

Man oh man, at this point my car and me sure have taken a beating.

Some things I get from people after they’ve heard all that I’ve been through with this car
“Are you sure you’re paying attention when you’re driving? Maybe your car is haunted. I think it’s time for you to just trade in that car for a new one.”

Does anyone really think I get into car crashes on purpose? Because I can assure you that one of my biggest fears now is getting into a major wreck. I 100% pay attention to the road when I’m driving. And no, I don’t want to just get rid of this car because at this point I feel like I’ve literally put my blood, sweat, and tears into it…

The Story

This day started off totally normal. Woke up, got ready for the day, and went to work. I had a quick break at work and decided to go to Starbucks (mind you that Starbucks is just down the street from where I work). On my way back to the office, I was about the fourth car at a stoplight and instead of pressing on the gas when the light turned green, I had to hit my horn to warn the car in front of me to go because I had just been rear ended and I did not want to end up sandwiched between then two cars. The person that hit me was fine. I was banged up for a while, but am now fine. My car however, is just so not fine.

All I wanted to do was go for a quick iced coffee run, but ohmygod I couldn’t even do THAT.

But I got to thinking, how boring would my life be if I didn’t get myself into these messes? I would just be normal then. And I will also wonder this… how would I appreciate the good times, if I didn’t go through the bad ones? I mean, just look at how happy I was when I got my car back from the shop…

Oh, and if you’re wondering why I have two license plates on my car, the other car’s license plate got stuck to mine…

Sassy as ever, Karla

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