My Experience with The Portrait Culture

The Portrait Culture

“Connect by Culture”

Founded by: Drenick Quiogue [@hellodrenick] + Miles McCormack [@milesofcolor] + Elika Dizechi [@elika_dizechi] + Iyla Dizechi [@iyla.dizechi]

What The Portrait Culture has done is allowed creatives from all over San Diego, California to come together as a family and create dope content. I know this from personal experience…

The Portrait Culture has hosted several photographer + model meet ups in San Diego (many of which I have personally attended). And I have to say, every one of them has been a success. What these meet ups allow us (content creators) to do, most importantly, is connect + socialize. Not going to lie, I sometimes attend with the intention of just hanging out instead of modeling. People travel and take time out of their weekends just to be at these meet ups. What does that tell you?

I definitely don’t think The Portrait Culture gets enough credit. Because of their meet ups, many of us have made long lasting friendships + created content that has reached thousands of people + have gotten once in a lifetime opportunities.

For example, last month I spontaneously traveled with The Portrait Culture to San Fransisco. Because of that trip, I met Chloe Bouda, which then led me to being featured in her magazine [Vintage Lilacs Mag] alongside some big time creatives. I met a bunch of amazing people on our trip to San Fransisco that I will never forget.


I decided to post this on my blog to recognize The Portrait Culture and thank them. The Portrait Culture really gave me my way into the modeling community in San Diego and I wouldn’t be where I am today, creatively, without them. Special thanks to Drenick for always being supportive and inviting me along!

Check out The Portrait Culture’s social media if you haven’t already!


Sassy as ever, Karla

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