Posh’s HotMess Dating Life

I just got out of an almost 2 year relationship. It has been HARD, but my ex and I are on sort of good terms (as good as they can be once you’ve crossed that line). As much as I wanted it to work out, I have better things to do than wait around and be someone’s manic pixie dream girl!

The month after the breakup I was ahotmess. I turned to Tinder to find a rebound. The first day on the app, this guy asked me to go to Starbucks with him. He was new in town and accidentally sent me to the Starbucks inside of an Albertson’s, classic. We went back to his place after grabbing some snacks to “watch a movie.” We got there and I found out this guy had his whole life figured out – he already had a steady job, had just boughten a house, and owned two very nice cars (age 24). Seemingly perfect, right? I felt nothing. I ended that over text after the second date. Oops, sorry dude! I didn’t want to waste his time.

Being single also seemed to put out this energy into the world that said HEY EVERYONE, SOPHIA IS SINGLE. This was the opposite of what I wanted. As soon as I decided it was probably good to just be single and let myself feel all the feelings I had, the DMs started rolling in. The first was from none other than my terrible ex from high school. I shut that one down after one text. Blocked!

One message was from a new follower who was friends with a lot of people I knew, so I decided to respond. I told him I didn’t want to date and accidentally make him a rebound, so he told me he would want to be friends. We hung out and I developed a dumb crush. I was smitten! He’s tall and he sings and he’s passionate about his goals. I kissed him that night because why not, right? Second date was great. Third date also great. I kicked his butt at Super Smash Bros Brawl, he showed me his favorite music, and we decorated my ceiling with glow-in-the-dark stars while jamming to old Taylor Swift. I was super happy until he said he doesn’t have time for a relationship but really likes me and wants to be friends. GREAT. I get it, but I was bummed! I texted him a few times later and received either short responses or nothing at all. One awkward drunk text from me about the movie Ratatouille and I’ve given up hope on that friendship. I’m now back to declining all DMs because I won’t find ~ the one ~ there (not like I was looking or even hoping).

I’m doing my best to not be so awkward about this whole “dating thing,” but my life is still as messy as usual.


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