Welcome to AHOTMSS by Karla Godinez


If you’re new to the blog, welcome. If you’ve been on the blog before, welcome to the new version of it.

At this point, this site has gone through quite a few rebrands.

It started as a blog full of hotmess stories and slowly started to transition into something not true to itself. Full of #ads and filters to try to be “brand friendly”- which is so not what being ahotmess is all about.

Collabs & sponsors are the still apart of the goal (!!!) BUT they have to be aligned with the brand.

And so now we’ve come full circle. Back to hotmess stories. Let’s call it: evolving.

Sometimes you have to push the boundaries. Sometimes you really just have to say fuck it

So welcome to the new and improved site. Where hot meets mess to create the perfect fucking storm.

HOT = sources, brands, recommendations, tips & more to help you feel confident as fuck.
MESS = stories that’ll entertain you & remind you that it’s okay to ahotmess sometimes.

Because if you’re going to be a mess you might as well be ahotmess, ya know?


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