Am I the only one who gets in the shower and totally just deeply thinks about life? I know I can’t be the only one. I make all important life decisions while showering. It’s usually pretty blissful. Too bad the other day I had a rude awakening.

One thing you have to know before reading this story is that although my apartment is totally awesome, the only thing it’s missing is a lock on the bathroom door. Weird right?

So I was jamming out to country music and washing my hair- just like any other day. In the middle of rinsing out my hair I heard my shower curtain rip open. With my eyes closed and shampoo flowing down I yelled bloody murder. I thought to myself, “this is how I die” (kinda dramatic, but like also not really?). Just a few seconds before I was thinking about important life decisions and now I wasn’t even going to live long enough to make those!! So I flew backwards into the water and slowly opened one eye to see my culprit.


I cried happy tears when I realized my killer wasn’t a person, but was actually my towel that had fallen onto the floor and brought the curtain down with it. L O fucking L, right.

It might sound silly now, but let me tell you that at that moment my life literally flashed before me. I was terribly happy when I realized my soft, pink towel could not harm me.

For some reason I don’t think any of y’all have ever almost been killed by a towel. I think that for whatever reason that just happens to me. Just me & my amazing luck.


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