WOW, can I just say TGOD for CBD.

It’s the holiday season, my schedule has been packed AF with deadlines, I just launched my very first company. So naturally… my anxiety has been through the fucking roof.

Oh also I think I might have slight PTSD from the LASIK eye surgery I had a few months back (but that’s a whole other story on it’s own).


So anyways, back to the CBD. To break it down for you CBD is the good part of marijuana. I say the “good part” because it has SO many benefits. Basically weed consists of CBD + THC.  THC equaling the part of marijuana that gets you high. 

If I’m being honest I really have no idea where I got the idea to start taking CBD for my anxiety. I might have heard about it here & there, but my anxiety got to a point where I knew I really had to do something about it.

Before CBD, the only thing I had done to help my anxiety was yoga & meditation. No therapy, no pills. And as time went on my anxiety started to get way worse. My panic attacks started happening a lot closer together and I started to feel like my anxiety was affecting my work.

I finally put my foot down and decided to give CBD a try. & I am beyond happy I did because the CBD oil & pen I use for my anxiety have truly changed the game for me.

When I started to take this CBD oil I really lost my shit. I genuinely did not know just how bad my anxiety really was until then. It’s kinda like when you wear glasses for the first time. You never really know how blind you are until you put on those glasses and experience what 20/20 vision is like.

There’s a ton of different ways to take CBD but these are the only ways I’ve taken them so I’ll stick to what I know.



I’ve tried a couple of different oils and this is the one I’ve liked the best (lemon & ginger flavor). It’s from Thrive CBD located in San Diego, California and it retails for about $100. I’ll usually go through one bottle a month. I take one dropper in the morning & one at night. Sometimes I’ll forget to take it which usually means I’m chilled out so that’s always a good sign. And then my anxiety will kick in and I’ll remember to take it again.



Once I bought the CBD oil and started taking it I felt like I might need something a bit stronger for mid day (because I take my oil in the morning & night) or for when things are just a bit more stressful than usual. I landed on this specific CBD pen because of it’s reviews. Plus it’s cute as frick & if you have it out no one will give it a second thought. It’s the only pen I’ve ever tried BUT I HIGHLY recommend it (you can find this pen at your local dispo, I get mine from this super chic dispo- March & Ash) . If I’ve already taken my oil in the morning and I’m feeling anxious I’ll just take 2-3 puffs of my bloom farms cbd pen & I’ll be chilled out for the next few hours without the “high” which is really great.

Even though I’m a newbie when it comes to all things CBD, I’m already a huge fan & will try out different products to see which ones I like the most so I can continue to share my secrets w. you all.

Till then, let me know which CBD products you like the most in the comments below !!




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