My Awesome Driving Pt 3

Within the first year of owning this car, I have now gotten into 3 car crashes. YAAYYY.
Click here to read about yet another accident I’ve been involved in.

My HotMess Story

It’s THE story
Why did I start blogging? How did I come up with my blog name? Where am I headed with my blog? Click here to find out all of the answers!

My Wedding Stalker

& by “my wedding stalker” I mean I was stalked at a wedding I was attending
not my own wedding (obviously)

My Awesome Driving Pt 2

Well, this time I may or may not have hit a dog…
I swear I didn’t do it on purpose! But really, what was a dog doing running across the freeway anyways?? Click here to read more

My Deadly Shower

The apartment complex I live in is gated so I always feel 100% safe. That is until the day I thought I was about to be murdered…

My First Tattoo (fail)

It took blood, sweat, and tears just to realize I need to take more risks in life. Check out this story to read about how I finally faced one of my biggest fears!

My Unexplainable Education

Normally people attend a 4 year university after high school and graduate with their bachelor’s degree, right? Pretty simple, but I’m not that simple. By the time I graduate I will have been enrolled into a total of 4 colleges. No biggie.

My Awesome Driving Pt 1

I usually don’t have the best luck. My luck with driving isn’t any different. I really wish it was.

My First Post

The theme of my blog is very obvious, but I hope it’s enough to intrigue you. Click here for the beginning of my blogging journey!